Direct Access

Following a change in regulations in 2013, patients are now free to choose which hygienist they would like to see, regardless of whether they are at the same practice as their dentist. Dental Hygienists can now carry out their full scope of treatments (with the exception of teeth whitening*) without the need for a written referral from a dentist. This means that patients can book directly with the hygienist of their choice.

There are numerous reasons why you may choose to see a dental hygienist via Direct Access.

Perhaps your practice doesn’t have a hygienist at all and your dentist doesn’t have the time to carry out the treatment as thoroughly as it should be done?

The hygienist at your dental practice may not be able to offer you an appointment at a time to suit you?

You may even just prefer to see one that understands your needs better.

Hygiene treatment is a very personal service so you should always feel at ease with the clinician who is providing your treatment. It’s ok to admit that you don’t feel you are compatible with the hygienist your dentist provides, you are under no obligation to continue to see them.

Direct access is about YOU being able to make a choice about YOUR treatment.

At the Dental Hygiene Clinic we build relationships on trust and understanding. Our hygienist Jennifer will always strive to make your treatment as gentle and pleasant as possible. She will keep you informed and provide you with freedom of choice at every step of the way.

For more information on Direct Access please see the General Dental Council Website.